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Cake decoration and Sugarcraft school

in the heart of beautiful Derbyshire

Christina Ludlam

Christina's career as a professional cake decorator began as a hobby in 1988, and in January 2009 she began teaching at West Nottinghamshire College. Her classes became increasingly popular and in 2012 she launched her own cake decorating school: Cakey Bakey Art Sugarcraft School.


In 2013 Christina became involved with one of the leading manufacturers of silicone cake moulds and mats, and began demonstrating their products at Cake International. She later demonstrated at the 38th ICES (International Cake Exploration Societé) Convention, Kentucky, USA, and since then Christina has regularly demonstrated a wide range of sugarcraft products on live TV shows for both the UK and USA.


Christina also regularly designs projects, including, so far, two front cover projects for Cake Craft & Decoration magazine.


She currently has a following of around 12,000 loyal fans on social media.

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